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August 18, 2007

Youtube on Windows Mobile 5 si 6 (Poket PC and Smartphone)

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For all you Tube-aholics, this is it! You now have direct, unfettered access to Youtube, Google Video & Veoh, in all their glory.

Install the CABs listed below, go directly to these websites, and click on a video to play. That’s it

Installation instructions:
1) If you already have TCPMP installed, uninstall it now.
2) Install this version of TCPMP, linked below:
PPC version :
Smartphone version :
3) Install FlashVideoBundle.CAB ( This MUST be installed in the same location as TCPMP (Device or Storage Card)
4) Soft-reset

Supported sites:

Requirements:WM5 or WM6 Pocket IE
Fast, stable network connection

The VideoLoader plugin is not compatible with PPC 2003SE or below, and it is not compatible with Opera, NetFront, Picsel, etc.
However, it is compatible with PiePlus and MultiIE.

zpob from treocentral
t2k269 and fmarozz at for the initial FLV plugin work and streaming modifications.
And of course, the developers who originally created TCPMP.

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