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April 14, 2008

sed – replace text in multiple files

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sed – is useful to find and replace text in single multiple files.

  • Replacing foo with foo_bar in a single file.

    sed -i 's/foo/foo_bar/g' somefile.module
    • -i = tell sed to edit the file(s)
    • s = substitute the following text
    • foo = what you want to substitute
    • foo_bar = what you want to replace
    • g = global, match all occurrences in the line
  • Replacing foo with foo_bar in a multiple files.

    sed -i 's/foo/foo_bar/g'  *.module
  • Now you can run cvs diff -up > yourpatchfile.patch to create a patch.
  • sed is available on the Win32 platform by installing GNU utilities for Win32

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