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January 27, 2012

linux rdesktop clipboard problems Windows 2008 R2/Win7

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At first glance, I tried to add the options like following

rdesktop -r clipboard:PRIMARYCLIPBOARD


rdesktop -r clipboard:CLIPBOARD

Neither of them worked for me.  I even compiled and installed the newest 1.7.1 version rdesktop,  still noting.

Finally, I found the problem. It is not linux issue, it not a version problem, it’s nothing to do with linux. Instead, the problem was from the windows side. It was caused by the rdpclip.exe( RDP Clip Monitor) in my remote windows box. I killed rdpclip.exe and restart it, everything just works fine.

how to restart rdpclip.exe in windows :

kill rdpclip.exe by using task manager
type rdpclip.exe in start window and run.


January 11, 2012

Coca-Cola la 1L

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Azi am gasit cola la 1L in carrefour. pretul e cam piperat dupa cum vedeti – 6.3 RON – 1 litru. Gustul e neschimbat 🙂



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