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September 15, 2008

Fuse and encFS from source on CENTOS 5 or RHEL 5

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Installing from source on RHEL5 and CENTOS5 is quite painless. Fuse needs to compile a kernel module for your kernel. I started from a minimal install, and did the following:

Update 12/6/2007: There is a bug with more recent updates of RHEL5 (Similar or the same as this bug: The bug will cause the original “yum install” command to fail with the following:

Error: No Package Matching glibc.i686

To prevent that, install glibc first, then install the rest of the stuff you want:

yum install glibc

yum install kernel-devel gcc kernel-headers openssl gcc-c++ openssl-devel boost-devel

Update (2/5/2008): I added boost-devel to the install list, because of an error I encountered installing on CentOS 4.

checking boost/shared_ptr.hpp usability… no
checking boost/shared_ptr.hpp presence… no
checking for boost/shared_ptr.hpp… no
configure: error:
Can’t find boost/shared_.h – add the boost include dir to CPPFLAGS and
rerun configure, eg:
export CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include

Download latest fuse (2.7.1 at this time 10/2007)


Download latest rlog (1.3.7 at this time)


Download latest encFS (1.3.2-1 at this time)



tar -xvzf rlog-1.3.7.tgz

cd rlog-1.3.7



make install

Fuse: lather, rinse

tar -xvzf fuse-2.7.1.tar.gz

cd fuse-2.7.1



make install

encF: and repeat

tar -xzvf encfs-1.3.2-1.tgz

cd encfs-1.3.2



make install

Start fuse:

/etc/init.d/fuse start

Fix init script for CentOS, replace the startup information at the top with:

# chkconfig: 2345 90 10
# description:       Load the fuse module and mount the fuse control
#       filesystem.


chkconfig –add fuse

Create an Encrypted Filesystem (Its not really a filesystem… but I digress) as a test:

encfs /usb/disk1/.crypt-raw /usb/disk1/crypt-mount

It really is that easy. Good luck! 

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