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July 5, 2018

Enabling AAC and AptX over Bluetooth on MacOS

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Open Terminal and enter “sudo defaults read bluetoothaudiod” and type in your password when prompted. You should then see the current settings:

"AAC Bitrate" = 128;
"AAC CBR" = 0;
"Apple Bitpool Max" = 64;
"Apple Bitpool Min" = 2;
"Apple Initial Bitpool" = 40;
"Disable HFP" = 0;
"Enable AAC codec" = 1;
"Enable AptX codec" = 0;

If you get an error “Domain bluetoothaudiod does not exist”, that means none of these settings have been set before, update the setting as shown below and you’ll be able to read the setting as outlined above.

To update these settings in the Terminal:

to enable AptX:

sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod "Enable AptX codec" -bool true

to enable AAC:

sudo defaults write bluetoothaudiod "Enable AAC codec" -bool true

To disable either one, just change “-bool true” to “-bool false” at the end of the command.

July 2, 2018

Using FTP usernames with @ – symbol in midnight commander

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MC is a console file manager. It supports FTP connections, and is a great alternative to classic ftp client.

However, the default FTP connection format string [username[:password]@]hostname has a drawback of not allowing the use of usernames with ‘@’-symbol in them – which is very common.

One of the solutions is to create a .netrc file with following content(replace all-caps words with your actual credentials)


or if you want to ask for password every time:


Now, start MC, choose FTP connect, and enter only the hostname. This will also work for console ftp clients like lftp.

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