Mac OS X: LibreOffice windows are blurry on Retina displays

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It looks like the /Applications/ shows 
a "false" value for NSHighResolutionCapable causing it to not use retina 
text rendering.

You need to change this:


To this:


Note: if you want to fix an existing copy of LibreOffice, you need to update 
the Info.plist, then rename to something else like, open the application and see that retina works, then 
close and rename it back to  I'm not sure how else to clear 
the cached value but that works.

Prozilla for MacOS

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ProZilla is a download accelerator which gives you a 200% to 300% improvement (or possibly more depending on your connection) in your file downloading speeds.Features:

  • Supports FTP
  • Supports HTTP including redirection.
  • Proxy servers supported.
  • Resume Supported.
  • Improved error checking and correction.
  • Complete acceleration: The file will be downloaded as fast as possible as your more…

Version 2.04:

  • Now the downloads are ALL to a SINGLE file. There is no downloading to individual files as was done previously.
  • Multiple server based downlaoding is supported based on ftpsearch and ping results obtaines for a URL prozilla will attempt to make multiple connections to different servers and try to speed up the download even more.

Intel, Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Download: prozilla-macosx-snowleopard

Create a ISO image on Mac OS

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Create a folder with the contents you want on your ISO.
Open Disk Utility and use the New Image from Folder menu item to create an image. Make sure it is uncompressed and use the CD/DVD master option.
Select ExFat format.

Save. Now add your files in finder for that image. eject.

Open the Terminal

Assuming your new image is called ~/Desktop/drivers.cdr (the file is on your desktop and called drivers.cdr) type:

cd ~/Desktop

hdiutil makehybrid -iso -joliet -o drivers.iso drivers.cdr

This will create an ISO/Joliet .iso file.

now you can use this iso as windows drivers disc over a kvm-ip connection 🙂